Monthly Archive: August, 2009

Ironing Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

At Heath LA Thrurdsay night… Inspired by our host Charles Pheonix, we made grilled cheese sandwiches by ironing them, also accompanying them was canned budwiser, nilla wafers. Not the typical small local quality… Continue reading

Film Night – The Cool School: Story of the Ferus Art Gallery

THE COOL SCHOOL is an abject lesson in how to build an art scene from scratch and what to avoid in the process. The film focuses on the seminal Ferus Gallery, which groomed… Continue reading

We’re so embarrassed

Heath was on a list published today by the EPA of 7 companies in California that had to pay fines. Every two years we have to file with the EPA and unfortunately we… Continue reading

Charles Phoenix @ Heath LA

Join us, next Friday the 20th…this one should be fun.

The American Look (1958)

Check out this fantastic trapped in time design perspective from 1958…

Nice oval installation

This installation was done by a customer with seconds from our overstock room. I like the way they altered the direction of the tiles.

At the White House

It was an memorable event to attend, an inspiring group to be a part of, and a “pinch me” setting. Check out the photos Robin and I took at the National Design Awards… Continue reading