Adam Silverman’s studio – from the NYT’s online, and more…


Check out this NYT online article by Brooke Hodge. She goes behind-the-scenes of Adam’s studio at our LA location and reveals the intricacies of his unique work style…

“Silverman uses traditional methods alongside more experimental, industrial processes to create work that is sensual, gritty and beautiful. He often adds silicon carbide to his glazes, causing them to bubble and foam, and then, once a vessel is fired, grinds down its surface to reveal the pitted, almost lacy texture below. Silverman’s studio at Heath is full of forms waiting to be fired — ranging from small candlesticks to large vessels, bases and pendants for light fixtures — as well as finished work, including plump oval vases, many in his signature Yves Klein cobalt blue.”

photo and exerpt: Brooke Hodge from her NYT online article

And….if that wasn’t enough press for Adam this week, his beautiful hybrid vase is also in the NYT’s  T Magazine. Definitely check out the link but I’d recommend buying the actual paper since their advertising makes it so annoying to view online.


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