Sunday Tour

Last Sunday we hosted the Stanford Alumni Club of Marin (my alma mater, product design ’97). The event featured a tour of about 40 Alums and a lecture on “The Integration of Craft & Manufacturing” by Professor Dave Beach who is a friend, teacher, and mentor of mine. Dave runs the the Product Realization Lab at Stanford – an amazing place with machine shops, foundries, etc where students from all disciplines get to touch real materials and experience making processes in a hands-on way – its a religion. Since he’s the “manufacturing guy” at Stanford, we thought it would be fun to put him on the spot and have him try his hand at making a casserole lid on the manual jigger.

During Professor Beach’s talk, we gave everyone in the audience a piece of clay to mold into something while he spoke. This was after the tour, and it was great how every single person so eagerly reached out for a chunk of clay…..the picture above is of the audience “offerings”

– Robin