Pendants by Adam Silverman –

Robin and I are doing a big house project (on our small house), we had a lighting dilema in our dining room and decided we needed a series of pendants to hang over our dining table. Rather than a single pendant that would have had to hang off-center in the ceiling to be in the center of the table, Adam and I figured we’d make a “family” of some of his forms/glazes to hang lengthwise in the room. I didn’t have the knowledge or budget to get the whole fixture custom made so I was able to find this fixture that was meant for some glass shades (that are purchased separately) and Adam made each pendant to fit the fixture fittings. The fixture is a nice proportion for the room and works perfectly. Each pendant is a different blue glaze. They pick up on the blue of our vintage fireplace. I’m excited, this is one part of the remodel that worked out exactly as I hoped. It’s just perfect for the room, and does not look off center. I’ve got some more painting to do and then I’ll post a picture of the complete room. Click here to see more about the whole house project on our house blog. If you’re interested in Adam’s lighting contact Heath’s LA studio, he can do a fantastic range of custom work.