Something new at ICFF

Robin and I happened to be on our annual NY trip at the same time as ICFF. After several hours of skimming the aisles of the show we had design burn out, and remembered why we don’t do trade shows. In the context of the gigantic trade show hall, even the most wonderful designs or products can seem to lose their soul. Regardless, this is the forum that exists, and we enjoyed observing. There was one really interesting find, it was the New Caribbean Design Collection. It was refreshing in its design and use of materials. Rather than “the Caribbean” becoming just another place to produce low-cost products, designed by outsiders, this collective designs and produces interesting and appropriate pieces using indigenous materials and local designers. The result is beautiful holistic design with an identity and preservation of a rich craft culture. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if this model were successful and could spread to other cultures/countries?