Watch Playmountain @ Heath

The preparation, process and outcome the weekend was beautiful. I’ve tried to capture some of it here. This really was the most amazing food event at Heath to date. The food stole the show while the backdrop of the evening was constructed of a meticulous display of products brought by Shin Nakahara (founder of Landscape products/ Playmountain) from Japan. The products will be at the store for three months, every objects is a treasure with a story, from the tiny tops turned from scrap wood ($10) to the sets of porcelain bowls ($540) from the 400 year old kilns of Chin Jukan pottery.

You’ll notice all of the food was made in Adam’s studio at Heath which was converted to a kitchen for two days. The food effort was directed by Sylvan Brackett of Peko Peko who specializes in Japanese catering and came down from Oakland along with Yuri Nomari, who came over from Japan just for this opening.

The whole event was conceived and currated by Adam Silverman and Shin Nakahara.