J.B. Blunk in West Marin & Leslie Williamson’s new book

A few weeks ago, I was invited to the J.B. Blunk Residency’s open house in Inverness by my good friend Leslie Williamson. I’ve learned to listen when Leslie has a recommendation. She has an amazing eye – when she tells me that something is interesting, it always is. The J.B. Blunk property is an inspiring insight into the beautiful work and world of J.B. Blunk, and the work of his daughter Mariah Neilson (who turned her family’s property into an artist’s residency). I took the pictures above at the open house, but Leslie has captured the J. B. Blunk property, its’ fascinating details, beautiful light, and  J.B.’s sculptural work brilliantly in her new book Handcrafted Modern. The picture below is Leslie’s. If you love it and you live in LA, join Leslie and me at our LA store. She’ll be signing books, answering questions and showing off some prints in our gallery. Eight, framed, color prints will be on display and on sale for just one week. Here’s a link for the event. If you’re in the Bay Area, Leslie is also doing a signing Thursday night at William Stout.