Heath’s job for America

I like the simplicity of this idea and its’ positive spirit. Carla Emil and Rich Silverstein’s idea is to ask companies to pledge one new job with their One Job for America idea. It’s about taking a reasonable risk for those companies that can, not waiting for your business to pick up first, but thinking about who you might hire to increase your business. It’s about everyone doing a little, and a little more than you thought you could. When we asked our production manager (Charlie Shafer) and our production planner (Aaron Bourke)  what one additional job could do for Heath, they were full of ideas that could help our production be more efficient and and operate better. We realized that the idea behind One Job for America is an important shift in our thinking for running our business, there is risk that our sales might not support this extra job, but there’s greater potential that the job will benefit Heath’s business as well as the individual who will have that new job. So, if you know of someone who owns a business who might be able to stretch a little more and create one more job, pass on the word. You can see the job we’ve created here. You can pledge to create a job here.

Click on the above image to see the interview with Carla and Rich and Robin and I that aired earlier today on MSNBC’s Dylan Ratigan show.