Help Heath Help Japan – 25% of sales donated to AFH

When I first heard about the earthquake and tsunami in Japan my heart sank. And still, I was hopeful. Japan is a developed and prepared nation with solid buildings. This felt different to me than Haiti. The country was terribly impoverished to start, and then the quake hit, and the entire situation felt deeply desperate. Today, as the full picture in Japan is revealed, the devastation is, in fact, quite overwhelming. 500,000 people have been displaced – that’s twice as many as were affected by Hurricane Katrina, and twice as many as were affected in the Kobe earthquake 15 years ago.

We’re not a big company, but we can make a difference. We’ve done it before (with your help), and we want to do it again. If you’ve been thinking of buying something from Heath, and can manage to buy it in the next week, we’d be grateful. We will donate 25% of all online sales to Architecture for Humanity’s efforts in Japan – now though March 24th.

The money raised by you and Heath last year, is at work right now in Haiti – on over 30 projects. That’s amazing. Robin and I know AFH’s founders Kate and Cameron well, and their tireless, yet focused, and effective team are amazing. Good people doing good. If you’re able to help by buying something from Heath in the next week, we thank you! If you’re able to help in some other way, we thank you, too.

Cathy, Robin & the Heath team

(photo courtesy of Architecture for Humanity)