loving ALABAMA…

I’ve not spent much time in the South, never had the excuse, and really… growing up on the East Coast then transplanting to California I’ve never run into many people or friends that helped elevate Alabama on my list of places I must visit. Two years ago I met my friend Natalie Chanin, and I was inspired by her work and also its’ inspiration from her southern roots. Her aesthetic, the roots of craft in the south, her boyfriend (Butch Anthony) and the stories of his crazy Folk Art meets Burning Man Festival (the Doo-Nanny) made the trip imminent. So, here we are, we’ve just logged about 800 Alabama miles in 4 days and seen some amazing things, people and efforts. Starting at the Doo-Nanny in Seale, driving west through Montgomery and Selma to visit the Rural Studio at Newbern and Greenville, passing through Tuscaloosa (one of many oosa’s and ola’s down here) and then on to Natalie’s home town of Florence. It’s a been a rich trip with so many things to absorb and think about. If these things are new to you please read about: Alabama Chanin, Butch Anthony and Rural Studio. You will find many levels of inspiration and reasons for inspiration.


Check out what I’ve seen. I’ve put together three photo albums along the way:

1 – The Doo-Nanny

2- The Rural Studio

3 – Alabama Chanin