Our new tile cutter heads west…

If you have Heath Tile made between 1972 and 2011 it’s been cut on our custom made tile cutter cobbled together in 1972. The old cutter has been on it’s last legs for… Continue reading

Pics of the day…

Check out Leslie Williamson’s blog, she was at Heath shooting the factory last week. She’s captured some wonderful moments in her photos. -cathy

Heath’s job for America

I like the simplicity of this idea and its’ positive spirit. Carla Emil and Rich Silverstein’s idea is to ask companies to pledge one new job with their One Job for America idea.… Continue reading

Dug up in the archive room…

Beautiful prototypes from 1959, probably done by Leon Galetto. -cathy

We like to make stuff:

                                You might have thought we just liked to make ceramics….but, we like to make lots of good… Continue reading

New banners

Christina and Livia designed and silk screened these new banners on fabric for the factory and LA. I love them… There are are three to the set, so check them out if you… Continue reading

T-shirts for dogs

                                      New kids t-shirts by chrisitna and livia, in kids sizes, but apparently good for… Continue reading

Stories to share – Natalie Chanin

Natalie Chanin – Fashion Designer from Alabama Chanin on Vimeo. ” A very nice video of my friend Natalie Chanin’s story about work and family. I love Natalie’s work, her reason’s for doing… Continue reading

My top 2010 Heath photos:

Post Heath House Party