Place of Hope—The Kasama Potters Community and the Great Ordeal!

We wanted to share with you this wonderful project: Place of Hope—The Kasama Potters Community and the Great Ordeal!

Featuring potter Akio Nukaga, a friend of Heath Ceramics

According to Akio, film producer Mike Douglass and wife Etsuko, with Etsuko’s potters community in Hawaii, first visited Kasama many years ago, forging a connection with Akio Nukaga that manifests today into a film to document Akio’s and the community’s collective dedication to rebuilding Kasama after the devastating earthquake.

From the Indiegogo site:

“Our film will focus on Akio Nukaga, a Kasama potter who spearheads a movement to bring potters together to rebuild and rejuvenate Kasama and its rich ceramic-making heritage. Under the banner of “Save Kasama”, the movement is reaching beyond Kasama to nearby towns as people join together in ways they had not done before and voluntarily help each other to recover from the devastation of the March 2011 earthquake. Saving Kasama represents more than just the recovery of a local economy. In recent years, new generations of people had began coming to Kasama with a spirit of revitalizing declining rural regions of Japan through ceramics and related arts and crafts. In this way, saving Kasama represents hope for all of Japan to sustain strong communities and family lives and livelihoods in the country’s post-industrial age.”

WHEN: Join Heath in donating now (only 16 days left!) to support the final production of this documentary. View a portion of the short film and donate here.

Also, Akio will have a show in San Francisco this July (dates tbd) with Heath Ceramics. Save the date to come and show your support.

WHY: Says Akio Nukaga:

“Mike believes film has more power than papers. He was interested in the volunteer activity that I started after the earthquake and our community. Our people wanted to get our relationship with each other very strong. So he had an idea for this film project.”

“How lucky I am to be going to San Francisco! I want to bring my new work and work with the Heath studio. It will be most exciting for me to meet the people enjoying my works and tell them about Kasama.”